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Containers we use during a move in London

Every person having a removal hopes to have their goods delivered safely and without any hiccups. But what does that mean in particular? Well, it suggests that we have a relocation executed without any damage being caused to any items. During a London full scale move, however, there is a significant danger of exactly this happening. Since we need to move our entire household this means that transporting fragile items also takes place during this process. They may include appliances, kitchen utensils and porcelain plates, home electronics and other especially valuable to us things. Often times we move glass frames, crystal bowls and other sensitive items which typically require extra attention during a complete UK house removal.

This is why reliable moving service companies in Kew apply top notch packing supplies. They have a variety of boxes and bags for your maximum convenience. London removals typically can handle even large nationwide or even removal abroad projects. This is why you shouldn’t be amazed that you can even have a car transported overseas. Here we will look at a number of containers, and their purposes, used during a most relocations.

Big removals require big containers

Let’s start with the “big boys” – freight containers or TEUs. These steel units are what you see at ports being lifted and lowered by cranes. You can basically fit everything you own in there. Please note that removal companies don’t usually own them but will definitely help you rent one in case you are looking to move somewhere on the other side of the world or simply to another city in the UK outside of London.

Here are some lighter options

Stacked moving boxesA wooden box is generally larger than a crate. Plywood is typically used for the construction of this multipurpose container. They are not very small and might need to be lifted using a pulley. Some vans around London have hydraulic tail lifts which are exceptionally useful when movers look to load or unload wooden boxes. You can fit domestic electronics in there but it is recommended that you stuff the box with paper, foam or bubble wrap in order to prevent any scratches or damage from occurring.

Crates are another container widely used for transporting goods. These supplies can be either opened or closed. We advise you to use the open ones for crude items and something that won’t get damaged easily. You cannot put a porcelain plate there and hope that it makes the trip in one piece. Crates are typically lifted by one or two people depending on size and weight. A moving trolley really comes in handy when you need to lift a crate.

Cardboard moving boxes are the most popular container used during domestic removals. Every little item can be put in there. These boxes give you excellent flexibility as they are cheap but can be carried by just one person. They can also be left open if the cargo isn’t going to spill or break. These boxes are most effective when you label them. Use them for toys, cosmetics, utensils or small electronics without any worries.