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How to Easily Tackle the Task of Moving Office Furniture

If your business is expanding, you may soon have no other choice but to move into a new office. Keep in mind, however, that planning an office relocation will take quite a bit of your time and it will challenge you in many surprising ways. One of the most annoying parts of this type of relocation process is definitely related to the removal of office furniture since it usually requires:

  • Careful planning and preparation
  • A large moving vehicle
  • Many extra pairs of helping hands
  • Additional expenses

But don’t let that frighten or alarm you because there are a few things you can do that are guaranteed to make your relocation fast, smooth and very easy.

Make an inventory list

This will help you to better plan your office removal. You will know the exact amount and type of furniture pieces you will need to move which will enable you to hire a moving van of just the right size for the job and to estimate the time it will take you to carry out the entire relocation process. It is advisable that you make an inventory list of all the items in your office. In that way, you will be less likely to lose something during the moving day.

Keep it or lose it

Once you are ready with your inventory list, make sure you carefully go through it and pick which furniture pieces are worth keeping and which are not. If there are items that are underused, broken or worn-out, you should probably consider selling, donating or throwing them away. After all moving office is always a good time for some decluttering.

Study the layout of your new office

Office furnitureOne thing that many people often forget to do when changing office space, is to carefully examine the floor plan of the new location. Even if you are planning to move your business to a bigger office, your new workspace may be turn out to be of more unusual proportions that will not respond to the proportions of each of your office furniture pieces. Therefore, be well prepared and study the floor plan of the office to which you are planning to move. Also, do not forget to measure the doors not only those of your new office space but also the ones of the building in which it is set. That will help you to see whether you will be able to fit all of your furniture pieces there or not. If some of them end up being too big, try disassembling them.

Use professional help

If you have zero experience planning and executing an office removal, hire a reliable team of licensed movers. That is particularly a good idea if you are planning to move into a co-working space where you risk disturbing the peace and the work process of many professionals if you don’t know what you are doing. Such options have become particularly popular in London’s UB7 postal area, where booking an insured and vetted removal company in Longford is simply a must for anyone looking to move office in this part of the English capital.