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Furniture Collection

Specialised furniture collection is perhaps one of the most convenient and efficient services in store. We save customers heaps of unnecessary hassles and expenses by organising a totally convenient and affordable solution which covers their needs and budget requirements in full. Our furniture collection options are designed to provide flexibility and good value for money in all instances.

A versatile and convenient solution

Organising a specialised furniture collection and delivery service for homes and offices has never been easier or more efficient.  We customise the service format as per individual needs and wants without excess costs or unnecessary hassles for our customers. We deal with collection and delivery of all types of furniture including flat pack (home & office), specialised office furniture, antique/vintage, bespoke (home & office). Commercial customers can turn to us for regular furniture collection and delivery solutions at excellent prices.

  • We can organise for pickup and delivery of newly purchased furniture from stores/outlets/manufacturers to customer specified location;
  • We can relocate existing furniture pieces from one place to another, this includes bulky or odd sized pieces as well;
  • We can also arrange for unwanted or disused pieces of furniture to be removed and disposed of at very reasonable price;

Furniture collection and delivery – important service information

Pro furniture collection in LondonThe furniture collection service we offer is quite a comprehensive solution which covers a variety of specifics relating to safe and efficient delivery and removal of furniture. Keep in mind, all stages of the service are carried out by specially qualified drivers and helpers who will take all necessary measures to prevent damage (of any kind) to furniture.

  • In some cases, factory or store packaging may be damaged, insufficient or missing altogether which is obviously unacceptable in terms of safe handling and transportation. In such situations our people can perform additional packing and wrapping of furniture pieces to ensure no damage;
  • If we need to present some paperwork in order to collect or drop off furniture on behalf of customers, please supply copies of all applicable documentation so that we can make it available to our drivers as early as possible;
  • Should there be any special requirements or considerations regarding collection and delivery of furniture, please let us know and we will account for those as best we can;
  • Furniture collection and delivery is available for booking seven days a week, including bank holidays, however the service needs to be scheduled accordingly in order to meet working hours of factories and outlets (if applicable);

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