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Organising a Housewarming Party after the Big Move


If you have just completed full house removal in London, you are probably thinking of taking a big break from social life for a couple of weeks in hope to settle easily into your new area and to get used to your new home. Don’t do it! You have one […]

The prettiest parts of Westminster

The City if Westminster is arguably London’s most astonishing and interesting inner borough. It lies in the central parts of the city and is home to a population of about 250.000 people. The area is the location of some of Britain’s most well-known and visited landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, […]

Exploring the Villages in Bromley


If there is one thing for which the London Borough of Bromley is widely known for that certainly has to be its size. This is the largest borough in the English capital based on the area it occupies. Bromley covers a territory of 59 square miles. That is why it […]

Know Your Rights – Moving Next-door to Neighbours from Hell


Even if you have moved into the home of your dreams, you may not get the opportunity to fully enjoy it if you are living next to people who are: Playing loud music all the time Throwing their rubbish on the street Not maintaining their front yard clean and well-trimmed […]

Living Alone for the First Time – Dos and Don’ts

Living on your own might sound like a lot of fun but the truth is, it might also affect your lifestyle in ways that are quite unexpected. But there is no need for you to worry about that – having the castle to yourself has its benefits and you should […]

How to Move Out of Your Ex’s Place Faster

One of the signs that a relationship has reached a more serious level is when you decide to share a home with your partner. But even then, it is not guaranteed that things will last. And that’s ok because not all relationships are meant to get a happy ending. The […]

How to Easily Tackle the Task of Moving Office Furniture

If your business is expanding, you may soon have no other choice but to move into a new office. Keep in mind, however, that planning an office relocation will take quite a bit of your time and it will challenge you in many surprising ways. One of the most annoying […]

Interesting landmarks in Redbridge


Redbridge is a borough which lies in north eastern London. It spreads over an area of 21.78 square miles, has a population of about 300.000 and a density rate of 14.000 people per square mile. This makes it one of the largest and yet least densely populated areas of the […]

Containers we use during a move in London


Every person having a removal hopes to have their goods delivered safely and without any hiccups. But what does that mean in particular? Well, it suggests that we have a relocation executed without any damage being caused to any items. During a London full scale move, however, there is a […]

The pros and cons of being a mover


Most professions in our area of London get quite the attention when it comes to listing their advantages and disadvantages. Movers are not very often talked about but you must know that this is actually a career path that might turn out to be a really good one. Nowadays cities […]

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