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Packing and Packing Supplies

Packing is one of the most important aspects of every removal project. Protective packing will ensure no damage or loss of valuables during handling and transportation. In light of this we provide a professional packing service as part of every property removal we undertake. Not that we are in the habit of breaking or losing people’s things but protective packing will give much needed peace of mind, for customers and for us as the company dealing with the relocation.

Our packing service – how does it actually work?

Our professional packing service is a real timesaver. Customers don’t have to deal with pretty much anything as our specially qualified removal technicians are experts at protective packing procedures, no matter how big, bulky or odd shaped the items. Here are some key points to consider:

  • We can perform packing of all shape and size goods;
  • For packing we use high durability/industry grade supplies and materials;
  • Special care will be taken to ensure fragile and high value goods are properly packed;
  • Packing can be combined with inventory of items/colour coding/numbering/listing contents etc.

When packing takes places usually depends on customer preferences/availability and the specifics of the actual removal project. Packing can be done in advance of actual moving day, or customers can have our movers pack and wrap things just before relocating. Please be advised that for proper packing of large number of items our teams will need additional time to do the job right.

Prefer to do your own packing and wrapping?

Packing SuppliesIf customers wish to do their own packing and wrapping of items, we can be of help by delivering a full kit of high quality packaging supplies straight to their doorstep at a very reasonable price. Delivery of packing materials can also include removal boxes and crate hire – just to make things more convenient and efficient for our customers.

  • We deliver all types of high strength wrapping materials and supplies;
  • We can arrange for different size removal boxes, including extra large ones;
  • We hire out different size and strength removal crates, including heavy duty ones;

When securing your packing material delivery, please inform us of how much supplies you need, and how many and what kind of boxes/crates you require (a close enough approximation will do fine). There is no limit per customer.

Packing services and packing supplies deliveries are available to all private and business customers seven days a week, including bank holidays. We promise reasonable pricing and good value for money.

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