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The pros and cons of being a mover

Most professions in our area of London get quite the attention when it comes to listing their advantages and disadvantages. Movers are not very often talked about but you must know that this is actually a career path that might turn out to be a really good one. Nowadays cities tend to get larger and more people move in and out constantly. This means that movers are needed for customers in Leytonston, for example, and there are plenty of companies offering positions. While there will be some requirements to cover, mostly anyone can become an employee in such an establishment.

You should become familiar with what being a removalist requires

Before we start talking about the actual pros and cons of being a mover in London, we will spend a little time discussing some of the requirements. First off you should be relatively strong physically. Let’s not fool ourselves – you will need to lift some heavier things sometimes and actually do it for longer periods of time. This means that you do not only need strength but stamina as well. Another requirement would be to be a good team player and to be available all the time. Whether the latter is a good or a bad thing, we will discuss below.

So one of the main pros is the longevity of such a career. You have a chance of really making an impact on your life as the income is not going to be too bad at all. In fact you can also grow in such a company anywhere (i.e. Leyton) and get promoted. You might end up being a team leader of a moving unit or maybe an assistant manager. All in all having a career in a removal company is not anything to be uncomfortable about.

Some more points to consider

A moverAnother great advantage is the fact that you will get to meet and work with many people. Regular office jobs typically predispose people to less direct communication. There is a danger there that colleagues get alienated from one another because of the lack of personal contact. During a removal, however, you will find yourself in a situation where you will be able to discuss various things with your mates. This will have an absolutely positive impact on the effectiveness of your work and the mood you go home with.

You will also be able to stay in shape. Who needs to go to the gym when you have a physical job at a removal company. You should be able to stay in a relatively good shape throughout your career as you will burn plenty of calories daily.

Now some of the drawbacks of being a mover might involve some risks for your health. You will need to adopt a technique for lifting and carrying heavier items. Use your legs and never your back. You should also always ask for help and never try to be the big muscle guy who can lift everything.

Some companies specialise in last minute removals meaning that you might have to be constantly available for a relocation. This is not entirely bad as sometimes there might be stretches of a few days without a single relocation.