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Three of Hillingdon most beautiful districts

The Borough of Hillingdon covers the westernmost parts of London. It spreads over 44.67 square miles and has a population of a little less than 300.000 people. It is one of the largest and most populous boroughs of the English capital. The area is also home to a number of internationally known neighbourhoods, touristic sites, monuments, parks, entertainment venues and school.

The area of Ickenham, UB10, lies in the northern parts of the borough and is home to an estimate of 10.500 people. The noted junction of Charing Cross is situated at about 14 miles from the district. Historical records show that the area has been inhabited since the Roman occupation of Britain. Ickenham FestivalDespite this fact, no major events have ever occurred in Ickenham. The district is known throughout the city for being the location of number well-preserved 14th, 15th and 16th century edifices. Swakeleys House is arguably the most famous landmark of the area. It is constructed in the Jacobean architectural style and dates back to the first half of the 17th century. It was built for Sir Edmun Wright who later became Lord Mayor of London. Until 2014 the grounds of the house were used for the hosting of the Ickenham Festival. The structure is currently closed to the public but can be visited during Open House London. The district is home to several top tier educational facilities including Vyners School which many consider to be the best in Ickenham. It was opened in 1960 and provide secondary and sixth form education to boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 18. Other schools in the area are:

  • Breakspear School
  • Douay Martyrs School
  • Glebe Primary School
  • Breakspear Junior School

The presence of reliable removal services in Ickenham makes moving to the area quite easy. The district is served by its own tube station which was founded in 1904, sits on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines and is used by over 1.1 million people annually.

Longford is a village that is situated in the southwestern parts of Hillingdon at about 16 miles from the intersection of Charing Cross. It is one of the few areas in London which has never had a church. Hampton Court PalaceBefore being incorporated within the boundaries of the English capital, the settlement was part of the historic country of Middlesex. King’s Bridge is perhaps the area’s most prominent structure. It was built during the mid-1830s and provides a crossing over the Longford River which is a manmade waterway commissioned by Charles I of England. The river brings water to the world famous Hampton Court Palace and the nearby Bushy Park which is the second largest London Royal Park. Other notable building in Longford, UB7, are Yeomans, Longford Cottage, Queen River Cottage and Willow Tree Cottage. Being one of the greenest districts in Hilling, it has become a highly desirable area which is why people constantly move to it by using the assistance of licensed, skilled and properly equipped man and van contractors. The village is adjacent to Heathrow Airport which is the city’s main international airport. It is served by a number of bus routes which pass through it on a regular basis. The nearest rail link are located in the neighbouring districts.

The eponymous suburban area of Hillingdon is located in the central parts of the borough. It has a population of almost 12.500 people and is situated at approximately 12 miles from Charing Cross. The church of St. John the Baptist is considered by many to be the focal landmark of the district. It sits on the top of Hillingdon Hill on the same site where once stood an edifice which was brought down as it was deemed to be unsafe. The church was built in 1629 and was the subject of a major extension project during the mid-19th century which was carried out by renowned English Gothic revival architect, George Gilbert Scott. Hillingdon Court is another well-known local place of interest. Designed by Philip Charles Hardwick and completed in 1858, the mansion was commissioned by Sir Charles Mills who made it his family home. During the late 1920s much of the estate came under public ownership and it was converted into public housing and parkland. Hillingdon, UB8, is served by its own tube station. The transportation hub was established in 1904 and currently sits on the Piccadilly Line and the Metropolitan Line from the London Underground. According to the latest numbers, the station provides transportation services to over 1.8 million people on a yearly basis.